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"Therapy Plus - Physical therapy PLUS a commitment to Your total health."

We are an outpatient rehabilitation facility whose purpose is to provide high quality health services. We provide comprehensive physical therapy services to help relieve pain, promote healing and restore optimal function to your life. Our treatment plans are designed to guide you into a change of lifestyle that can remain permanent. 

We can help all ages and abilities.  You can schedule an appointment by calling any of the phone numbers listed here.  Treatment can then start when we obtain a prescription from your MD, DO, NP, or PA.

No one should live in daily pain due an injury from an accident, aging, a sports injury, or from a genetic disorder that you may have. Let us help guide you in a different direction for your life showing you how to live life to your full potential.

Dr. Ferris believes that honesty, integrity, and healthy perspective are essential components to life.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ferris call Therapy Plus today!