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Our Offices


Therapy Plus has 4 locations.  2 in Knoxville: East Knoxville (Holston shopping Center), Cansler YMCA, & 2 in Maryville: Olympia Athletic Club, and Clover Hill Assisted Living Center.

East Knoxville Office


Our East Knoxville clinic is located In the Holston Shopping Center at 4108 Asheville Highway next to Dollar General.  Here we have a large open physical therapy office with lots of parking.  We are equipped with treadmills, bicycles, treatment tables, electrical stimulation, and an Alter G, the latest anti-gravity treadmill.

Maryville Office


The Maryville office is located inside the historic Olympia Athletic Club in downtown Maryville. Olympia is now under new management so we have had recent remodeling and updating much of the equipment. Come and join the cheerful family atmosphere inside Olympia.

Pool Therapy at the YMCA


Therapy Plus also offers Pool Therapy at the Canceler YMCA 3 afternoons per week.  You can come and workout with our therapist to help you exercise while floating lightly through the water. 

Clover Hill Assisted Living Center


Therapy Plus offers physical therapy for the residents of Clover Hill Assisted Living Center in Maryville. These are patients with various levels of dementia and we offer exercises, gait training, and balance training to keep the residence physically functional at their optimum level. 

Two Phone Numbers


The number for the east Knoxville clinic and the Cansler YMCA office is (865) 522-3737.  The number for the Olympia Athletic Club office and Clover Hill is (865) 233-1080.

About Us


Therapy Plus Staff

Therapy Plus is a group of licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who are experts in the field of Physical Therapy and  love for our patients.  We will help you get better physically and cheer you up as well. 


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

We here at Therapy Plus can treat almost every condition that involves your strength, balance, pain, endurance, coordination, mobility, and general health.


See the Difference

Our cheerful staff will motivate you, inspire you, and give you the desire to become the best you can be. 


Our Services

Improve your balance


Falling down is one of the worst kinds of injuries you can have.  So, to prevent that we treat all kinds of balance problems. If you have had surgery, a stroke, or any dizziness we can help you improve your balance so you can do more and avoid falling.

Improve your strength


Many people are weak from injuries, age, surgeries, or any medical condition.  If you want to be able to do more you need to get stronger. We can guide you through many exercises to help you strengthen your muscles and heart so you can do more and have less pain. 

Help reduce pain


Many people suffer from a whole host of pain problems.  Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm or hand pain, leg pain, knee pain, or ankle pain. All of these diseases can be treated with physical therapy. We use all kinds of modalities to reduce your pain and return you to going again. 

Our Team


Kelly Ferris, PT, DrPH, MPH

Dr Kelly has over 43 years as a physical therapist. He started Therapy Plus in 1989 after being an Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at Andrews University in Berrien Springs MI. He oversees all the offices and will will try and teach you what you can do for yourself to be in the best health you can be. 


Michelle Roberts, PTA

 Michelle brings life and spirit into the PT clinic.  She is the manager of our east Knoxville office and has brought professionalism and innovation into an atmosphere of love and joy. 


Shannon Stacy, PTA

 Shannon is not only an excellent therapist but he also knows sports and music. He is a joy to talk to while you are getting well.  He also works with our Pediatric patients.


Mary Gravatt, PTA

Mary is the clinic supervisor for our Olympia Athletic Club. She will cheer you up as well as well fix your problem.


Angel Hereford, Office Administrator

Angel's smiling face will greet you when ever you call or show up at our Asheville Highway office.


Shnetha Linzy, PT Tech

Shnetha, alias Pooh, will take you through your exercises and make it fun as well.


Felicia Jones, Transportation

If you don't have transportation to our office Felicia can pick you up and take you home.


The Team Approach

Our team does everything they can so that your experience is both helpful and enjoyable.


Don't Miss Out

Don't miss out on the experience of a lifetime.  A time when you can improve your health and also have the blessing of being part of the Therapy Plus family.

Just for You


Variety of Services

We treat Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Orthopedic injuries, Neurological problems, stroke, cardiac, post surgery, pre-surgery, balance problems, Vertigo, difficulty walking, pain, weakness, and many others.

Special Programs

We have a special program of Aquatherapy.  This is exercise in a heated pool at the local YMCA located in the east Knoxville Canceler YMCA.


We also have a Facebook page.  Log on and leave a message for us.

Call for an Appointment

Call anytime and schedule an appointment for an evaluation.  In Knoxville call (865) 522-3737.  In Maryville call (865) 233-1080.

No Doctor Prescription Required

You do not have to have a doctor's order to get started.  You can be treated for 2 to 4 weeks before you need a doctor's order.  If you have been seen recently by your doctor and your doctor has recommended therapy you can come in for an evaluation which will be faxed to your doctor for approval.

Home Exercise

All patients are given Home Exercises which they can do on their own.

Variety of Care



We offer exercises, massage, electrical stimulation to strengthen you, improve your balance, improve your endurance, and reduce your pain. 


We offer pool therapy if you have knee, hip, or back pain.  Also it is good for arthritis and any condition where weight bearing is a problem.


Many of our patients say this is the best clinic they have ever been to.  Our close cheerful personal contact sets us apart from many other clinics. Physical Therapy in Maryville Physical Therapy in Knoxville Therapy Plus in Knoxville

Personal Evaluation

Make an appointment and come in for a personal evaluation to see just what your physical problems are and get input as to what can be done for them.

Alter G

Therapy Plus East Knoxville location has the exciting Alter G treadmill.  This is an anti-gravity balloon which you step into and it takes your weight off so you can walk easier.  This is an amazing piece of equipment for anyone who has trouble walking.


If you have questions please feel free to call anytime and let us help you determine if physical therapy would help you.  We take most insurances and we can contact your doctor to get a prescription for physical therapy if needed. 

Contact Us

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Therapy Plus: East Knoxville and Maryville

Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.  Our Knoxville phone number is (865) 522-3737 and our fax is (865) 522-3218.  The Maryville contact phone number is (865) 233-1080 and the fax is (865) 233-1081. Physical Therapy in Maryville Physical Therapy in Knoxville Therapy Plus in Knoxville

Therapy Plus

Business Office: 1015 Campbell Way, Seymour, Tennessee 37865, United States

Knoxville: (865) 522-3737
Maryville: (865) 233-1080


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed